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Ho Shin Sool was founded August 19, 1998 by Jim Liguori.


Ho Shin Sool is the Soo's first and foremost Mixed Martial Arts Club.

We offer Traditional martial, Muay Thai, Grappling and MMA programs.


Ho Shin Sool is recognized for the following:

·         Strong Traditional Martial Arts program

·         First club to bring MMA to Sault Ste. Marie

·         First to participate in an MMA event

·         First to offer submission grappling (Sambo)

·         First to offer MUAY THAI

·         SSM's only certified Muay Thai Instructor (Pechyindee)

·         SSM's highest ranking Sambo Instructor  

There is a long history of Korean Martial Arts in Sault Ste. Marie, which started as a small miracle a long time ago when a gifted Korean Grandmaster somehow moved to Northern Ontario. Some of you martial arts pioneers will remember Master Pak while others only remember stories. Others remember the 2nd or 3rd generation local legends which he produced such as my 1st instructor and mentor "Master John Gencarelli". Respect to YOU and all other true Martial Arts Masters as we vow to provide only the best instruction to our students.  Ho Shin Sool was able to build on a strong foundation of knowledge and experience and expand to fulfill it’s long term vision.

HO SHIN SOOL was developed to preserve the true essence of martial arts study and maintain intense application training (never just going through the motions and memorizing techniques).

Amongst all the programs offered at HO SHIN SOOL, the following common denominators can be expected:

·         fun and safe environment

·         complete RESPECT amongst all members

·         hard work and dedication

·         ONLY qualified Black Belt Instruction

So what is HO SHIN SOOL?

Ho Shin Sool is Korean terminology, which translates to “ Protect Mind & Body ”.


Ho Shin Sool Martial Arts & Fitness Centre believes that balance is the key to success in martial arts and in all aspects of life. Too often have we heard of the “ultimate martial art”, when really no such thing exists. It is crucial to have a solid foundation and martial arts curriculum to begin your training, but it is also important to keep an open mind through various cross-training programs and adapt the program to suit the individual, as everyone is different and unique.


This sets Ho Shin Sool apart from the rest as it provides expertise training for total conditioning to compliment a strong martial arts curriculum with Muay Thai and Russian Sambo influence.


Ho Shin Sool encompasses an integrated system of fitness and self defense. It will teach you how to fight standing up as well as on the ground. It will allow you to use and build strengths both mental and physical and it will diminish your weaknesses. It will blend your mind, body, and spirit into one.

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