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Women's Exclusive Kickboxing Bootcamps

The bootcamps are designed to allow women to join a less intimidating environment.  You can use the bootcamps as an initial step towards joining the regular Muay Thai program offered at Ho Shin Sool, or as an adder to your existing exercise regiment.  Many like the bootcamps so much that they keep repeating it as they are offered.


What you should expect:


  • Expect to have a whole lot of fun while getting a tremendous workout.

  • Expect to sweat! a lot!

  • Expect to learn basic Kickboxing fundamentals


The bootcamp typically starts with a 15 minute warm-up followed by a conditioning circuit.  The circuit utilizes heavy bags, battle ropes, and other equipment where exercises and striking combinations are done at specific interval times to work various energy systems.


6 week bootcamps run frequently.  Call now to enquire.

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