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Jim Liguori, Owner and Head Instructor of Ho Shin Sool Martial Arts and Fitness Centre is a certified 7th degree Black Belt.  Jim has vast experience with various forms of martial arts including Hapki-do, Kuk Sool Won, Dahn Moo Do, Russian Sambo, Jiu-Jitsu, and has recently received his KRU appointment in Petchyindee Muay Thai.


He began training in various martial arts at the age of 10 showing great interest in styles such as Jeet Kun Do, and Kung Fu.  Later he began training under Master John Gencarelli, where he studied Hapkido and received black belt status in Kuk Sool Won.  At age 23 he began teaching Kuk Sool Won under Master John Gencarelli.   In constant pursuit of ultimate balance in Martial Arts training, Jim continued to study under Master John Gencarelli, Grandmaster Hak Sup Lee (founder of World Dahn Moo Do Association), and other selected  Masters of Russian Sambo and Muay Thai in order to support his vision of Ho Shin Sool and the quest to provide an authentic and complete system of training.


"To be a good instructor you must be an expert in something and be able to communicate that knowledge to someone.......To be a great instructor you must go beyond that, remain a student for life and inspire people to succeed" says Jim Liguori.  "Martial Arts is a way of life and the best way in my opinion.  I live this way because I have a deep passion for it and I love what it does for people (children and adults)"  Jim Liguori's wife Franca is also an instructor and both his daughters Bianca and Carina study as well.  "I couldn't imagine it any other way.......we want to inspire people to learn and improve however they can. 

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