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Custom Training

HO SHIN SOOL also provides customized training to groups or individuals.


Group Seminars:


We have designed many self defense seminars and provided them to groups such as Canada Border Services, Private Women's Self defense Groups, Private Security Groups, Government Office Groups, etc...


Please contact us to plan a self defense or special training seminar for your group.  Let us know specific requirements and we can customize the course in every way possible.  We work with you on the best times, duration, location, and cost.


Private / Semi-Private Lessons:


Private Lessons are designed specifically for the individual in order that he/she can reach specific goals in their training.


Private Lessons are one on one with the instructor and can be used in conjunction with regular classes to help a student advance more quickly or to help a student through specific difficulties they may be experiencing. 


Private Lessons may also be used exclusively as the individuals complete training program. In this case, an initial assessment is performed, where the primary goals of the individual are planned and a training program and frequency is designed. Your goals may be weight loss, strengthening, flexibility, self-defense, to work towards a black belt, or all of the above.


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