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"The Shotgun"

When you  think of a fighter, think of a weapon, and when you think of Johnny, that weapon would be a  sawed off  shotgun.  

When you spar with Johnny you can actually see a twinkle in his eye and smirk on his face, and when you see his right cross shaking....just waiting to unload….you best be careful to say the absolute least..  


This is a guy that “loves” to fight.  I mean not because he’s arrogant or anything, he just really enjoys it.  He’s actually a true gentlemen by nature and very good training partner/coach.  He works with all up-and-coming fighters at the club with fundamentals and fight preparation.  In Team Sparring he exercising caution and control and obviously holds back.  A courtesy that was not extended to his last two opponents. Two fights and two KO's...can't wait to see him use the ground game he has as well.

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